Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Invitations

I came to a point where I asked myself...

Ok now, how do I ask my friends to be my bridesmaids?

Text them?

How insincere.

Ask them out for dinner and pop the question?

What if one's willing but the other isn't? Dinner would surely turn awkward.

No, I really should have more faith in my friendships.

How can I make it more special? It feels like it's my turn to propose.

Then I was suddenly inspired while scrolling through my Instagram feed by a Hyperlapse video posted by my friend, Joyce. She wrote with such ease and character.

Her calligraphy is simply too beautiful.

With that, I contacted her on Facebook to discuss the prospect of customised bridesmaids' invitations.

We spoke a little about how I wanted something more minimalistic.

I also gave her a little personalised poem I wrote by myself to include in the invite:

Who knew it would take ten years for me to say
I need you to stand beside me on my special day
Though life's twists and turns may take us miles apart
A friend like you, I'd always keep near to my heart

Ten years. We first got to know each other in ACJC and look at how time has brought us here. <3


For bespoke cards, email hello@artsynibs.com or visit ArtsyNibs here (web) and here (Instagram).

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ArtsyNibs is currently based in the UK but ships in bulk to Singapore before individual parcels are mailed out. So don't worry about postage cost! They are very reasonably priced. (:

Working with Joyce from ArtsyNibs has been such a pleasure because she always has ideas and inputs that I treasure. As you can tell, she has a great eye for what looks good on paper. More so, she can actually write different fonts.

What impressed me the most is her dedication to her work. She actually sent me a few versions in different colours to peruse and pick from. She also gave her professional opinion on what she felt would be ideal. I love working with people who just... know what to do/know what's best.

She even did a smudge test on my cards to see if they'd be delivered in perfect condition to me. How very thoughtful! <3

In the end, I received the cards in mint condition in a big brown cardboard backed envelope. There was not a slight crease nor bend in the invitations. 

When the girls received it, they were squealing via text and they commented on how pretty the invites are. To be very honest, I missed the invites the moment I sealed them and missed them even more when I mailed them out.

Since I missed them so much, I wrote to Joyce again. This time, to work on groomsmen invitations.

Bespoke as per the last time, but way more straightforward.

I was so uninspired and took a long time to send her some of my inspirations. To save me, she took on a more proactive approach and sent me some suggestions that Y immediately took a liking to. Thank you, Joyce!

We went ahead very quickly with Y's selection and before long, a mock-up was done.

Boys being boys, Y gave the ok-go in a heartbeat and soon after, I was staring at pretty cards again.

I took even longer than before to send these out because I just wanted them on my table for an extended time. I knew I'd miss them the moment we mailed them out.

Y's brotherhood hails from different cities and I wish I could show you Joyce's calligraphy of the boys' addresses on the envelopes. Those long addresses look extremely pretty on paper.

Nevertheless, happy looking at the cute '?' with a bow.