Friday, June 26, 2015

#sherxzw Series: Conrad Bali

I once saw photos of Conrad Bali's Infinity Chapel and I remember thinking to myself then that I would never be able to take my wedding photos there. You might be reading my post and thinking the same - It's a dream. The cerulean sky, the glass windows, the silhouette of the chapel and the big cross. I love how they all come together in such perfect harmony.

Who knew that I would one day be able to take my wedding photos at the Inifinity Chapel? And if my dreams can become a reality, perhaps yours can too. (: It must have been part of God's great big plan for me and I thank Him for all the blessing and favour he has bestowed to me on my wedding journey thus far.

Special thanks also to Zwedding, Chris Ling Photography and Conrad Bali for making this happen.

Joey, the creative director of Zwedding, chose a ball gown for me and I've since been enamoured. Don't you think such a silhouette goes so well with a chapel? I think I'm quite bent on donning a gown of the same shape for my wedding at the CHIJMES hall next March.

This gown looks like a classic piece from the front and showcases a bare back illusion feature. It's very easy to walk in and beautiful from all angles.

Vincent, my hair and makeup artist for Bali, gave me a big and high bun. He had the idea of putting on a tiara of me. Ask me about a tiara a few months back and I'd probably have given you a grimace. I used to think they were tacky and cheesy. Ask me about it now, and I'd probably have some ideas in my head about how to wear one and still look relevant and classy in a modern context.

All in all, shooting at the Infinity Chapel was a dream. Y looked extremely handsome in a classic black and white suit, and no less than a bow tie. It was nice walking up and down the walkway and playing with an immensely long veil.

The sun was relentless, I have to admit. But it more than compensated with by clear and blue skies.

I'd so do this all over again.

What a dream.