Tuesday, May 12, 2015

WelkinLight Photography x Oneday Hanbok

Hanbok from Oneday Hanbok
Photography by WelkinLight

For city dwellers like us, donning a traditional costume is not an everyday occurrence, lest to say wearing one of another culture. I feel that the Korean Hanbok, though not flattering on a woman's curvature, is a costume that exudes modesty and daintiness.

I'm really thankful that on our Seoul trip, we managed to rent Hanboks from Oneday Hanbok twice - Once for this photoshoot and another for the Gyeongbokgung (palace) visit. Through this, we earned an unexpected immersion into the Korean culture and many novel experiences to remember.

Having our shots captured at Yeouido Park was lulling and romantic. There was barely anyone around and so Dylan could work with wide frames. I especially like the next few photos by the pond.

Spot the pair of ducks that joined in!

Since it was spring, we were pretty much taking a leisure stroll in the park, chatting with a new found friend and having shots taken at the same time. Yeouido Park is a really entrancing place with aspects of both the traditional and the modern.

This set of photos, the most unusual of our many photo series, is one not to forget.