Wednesday, May 6, 2015

House > Wedding

Of late, I know the prices of furniture and appliances better than that of clothes and shoes.

It's amazing what this stage of my life is doing to me.

When Y asks me where we should go and what we should do, the store names that pop up in my head are Ikea, Gain City, Best Denki, Courts and the likes.

Now we often have dates with refrigerators, stoves, washing machines, lights, air-conditioners, kettles, ovens, blenders, microwaves, pots and pans. The list goes on.

And yes, we've been making our rounds at departmental stores. The household floor of course.

Moving in together sure is exciting and I dream about it all day every day.

Our first purchase?

Rubber gloves.

We got them in Seoul. One pair for him (size L) and another for me (size S).

I'm becoming a legit "aunty". Wow.

Our second purchase?


When Isetan was giving its "Thank you for shopping at Isetan. We are closing in 5 minutes..." announcement, I felt like my pants was on fire for not having arrived earlier to buy the WMF set that was on promo.

The next day, we saw ourselves at both Tangs and Robinsons to compare prices. Yes we walked from Orchard to Somerset and back. Soon, we were lugging our cutlery set around town. A dozen of 'em spoons, forks and knives to accommodate his large family should they come over.



If you don't already know. Y is a true chef. He loves cooking and it has almost been our Saturday ritual to whip up something together. It's fun playing his sous chef though what the job mostly entails is washing and watching the fire.

So he was very drawn to the knives. He really liked the weight and feel of the Scanpan knives but we went for WMF eventually because those are made in Germany. We bought a set of 5 (including a pair of scissors). The wooden block is very pretty (to me).

I foresee our Saturdays fast transforming into something different.

We're not at the stage for linens, upholsteries, rugs, curtains and anything drape-y yet. But when that comes, I think I need medicine to calm me now.

We've also not contracted a contractor as we've yet to get the keys to our house. When we do, I'll be the expert on tiles, laminates, materials, wiring and what not. I'm not sure if my brain can take it.

Too much information!

Wedding? What wedding?

I'm more excited about my house.