Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wedding Venue

I've always wanted a small, intimate wedding - 100 pax.

Though ideal, my idea of a small wedding is pretty inconceivable considering that Mum and Ah Ma are rather traditional. I'm also the eldest child in my family and the first of my grandma's grandchildren to wed.

With that, the number grew from 100 to 150 and I suppose, will keep growing.

The places I first had in mind were these:

Alkaff Mansion
for the outdoor gazebo, perfect for the holy matrimony/solemnization

Credits to Nick Rose Photography

Credits to NatStudios

Nosh @ Rochester
for the garden-themed setting and the walkway

Credits to Bloc Memoire Photography

Credits to Ivan Tan Photography

The White Rabbit
for the stained glass windows and rustic arched walkway

Credits to Tinydot Photography

Credits to A Little Moment Photography

After much research, more intimate venues I kept in consideration included:
- Burkill Hall
- Tamarind Hill
- Tanjong Beach Club
- Spruce
- House @ Dempsey

Most of these places would have been perfect for my 100 pax wedding, except that I was not going to have one that small. Knowing that I would eventually have to accommodate more guests, I decided to (not set up a marquee even though I was very tempted to) pick CHIJMES.

I have never even given thought to any hotel ballroom except perhaps The Straits Room, Fullerton Hotel, since I love white so much. Chijmes meets just that very one thing I love and I'm hoping to have a white wedding.

Mum disapproves, so I'll accommodate and throw in... silver too?

Credits to Ivan Tan Photography

Credits to Ivan Tan Photography

Browsing through many Singapore wedding blogs and photographers' portfolios, I've come to realise that many Singaporeans have either had a buffet or round-tabled wedding at CHIJMES, or anywhere else really.

I have however, for a long time, set my mind on the long table setting, meaning individual portions and a lot of decor (florals aplenty please!).

I guess I have watched too many David Tutera episodes and I'm bent on a more western style of wedding styling/decor. The idea of round tables, I just can't seem to make space for in my head! So of late, I've been scrolling through Pinterest and gathering more ideas:

A dinner banquet it'll be. We will be going for oriental cuisine despite the table setting because I just cannot imagine Ah Ma with a fork and knife eating steak. That would mean a top up, yes, for more servers and the extra effort for food preparation/portioning.

I've so much more I want to reveal about my wedding but I'm going to let the pieces of information go out in trickles instead. There's so much restraint to exercise! Well, revealing the venue is a rather huge affair so I guess I'll end my post here. Thank you all for being excited together with me, and for all the hello-and-congrats emails. <3