Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Jessicacindy x Pixioo x Tang Yong x Fleur Craft Styled Shoot

"When's the wedding?"

That's the most popular question posed to the newly-engaged despite it being the silliest question ever.

When asked by the umpteenth person, I still had no answer for the longest time.

You mean I'm supposed to have already discussed that with my (a few days old) fiancĂ© and set a date?

To be honest, I would not have hurried to decide and estimate a wedding month if not for the high frequency of being asked the question. I felt a need to stop saying, "Not yet!" or "I don't know!"

There's no denying. I was pressured into greasing the gears and gettin' 'em movin'.

That's okay I guess. There's no harm in planning ahead and having a long runway.

But from now on, I am never ever going to ask any newly-engaged friends when the wedding will be till they've long been engaged.

So has the date been set?


After considering the planetary shifts, atmospheric conditions, temperature, seismic waves, cosmic orders and what not, my Mum has decided on what she strongly believes is a truly auspicious date.

We did have a row over this, leading me to finally understand what many have long warned unmarried women about - A wedding is about the marriage of families/ A wedding is staged for one's parents etc.

I am not a believer of superstitions.

I am instead, a firm and faithful believer of God, my protecter and giver.

Y and I do not believe in luck even though we oblige out of respect. I love my mum and if there is any instance I can make her happy without largely compromising on my part, I will compromise.

Apart from customs to be carried out in the name of luck, there are some with spiritual meanings. Y is strongly against anything of that sort. We should guard against them, he says.

From now till then, I anticipate more disagreements but I will pick my battles.

God has commanded us to love and respect our parents and I will obey.

So 20th March 2016 it will be. #savethedate

I pray for a smooth year of preparation ahead and for God to manifest manifold in this journey.

Meanwhile, here are some beautiful pictures to look at, in partnership with:

Jessica from Jessicacindy
Samuel from Pixioo
Valerie from Tang Yong Makeup
Gloria from Fleur Craft