Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wedding Venue

I've always wanted a small, intimate wedding - 100 pax.

Though ideal, my idea of a small wedding is pretty inconceivable considering that Mum and Ah Ma are rather traditional. I'm also the eldest child in my family and the first of my grandma's grandchildren to wed.

With that, the number grew from 100 to 150 and I suppose, will keep growing.

The places I first had in mind were these:

Alkaff Mansion
for the outdoor gazebo, perfect for the holy matrimony/solemnization

Credits to Nick Rose Photography

Credits to NatStudios

Nosh @ Rochester
for the garden-themed setting and the walkway

Credits to Bloc Memoire Photography

Credits to Ivan Tan Photography

The White Rabbit
for the stained glass windows and rustic arched walkway

Credits to Tinydot Photography

Credits to A Little Moment Photography

After much research, more intimate venues I kept in consideration included:
- Burkill Hall
- Tamarind Hill
- Tanjong Beach Club
- Spruce
- House @ Dempsey

Most of these places would have been perfect for my 100 pax wedding, except that I was not going to have one that small. Knowing that I would eventually have to accommodate more guests, I decided to (not set up a marquee even though I was very tempted to) pick CHIJMES.

I have never even given thought to any hotel ballroom except perhaps The Straits Room, Fullerton Hotel, since I love white so much. Chijmes meets just that very one thing I love and I'm hoping to have a white wedding.

Mum disapproves, so I'll accommodate and throw in... silver too?

Credits to Ivan Tan Photography

Credits to Ivan Tan Photography

Browsing through many Singapore wedding blogs and photographers' portfolios, I've come to realise that many Singaporeans have either had a buffet or round-tabled wedding at CHIJMES, or anywhere else really.

I have however, for a long time, set my mind on the long table setting, meaning individual portions and a lot of decor (florals aplenty please!).

I guess I have watched too many David Tutera episodes and I'm bent on a more western style of wedding styling/decor. The idea of round tables, I just can't seem to make space for in my head! So of late, I've been scrolling through Pinterest and gathering more ideas:

A dinner banquet it'll be. We will be going for oriental cuisine despite the table setting because I just cannot imagine Ah Ma with a fork and knife eating steak. That would mean a top up, yes, for more servers and the extra effort for food preparation/portioning.

I've so much more I want to reveal about my wedding but I'm going to let the pieces of information go out in trickles instead. There's so much restraint to exercise! Well, revealing the venue is a rather huge affair so I guess I'll end my post here. Thank you all for being excited together with me, and for all the hello-and-congrats emails. <3

Friday, April 10, 2015

Z Wedding x Chris Ling Photography

Z Wedding
93 Tanjong Pagar Rd
Singapore 088514
Contact: +65 6337 2678
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Chris Ling Photography
50 Saunders Rd
Singapore 228280
Contact: 6220 5600
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Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Hunt is Over

Imagine a cat prowling the streets of a neighbourhood.

Imagine it entering houses surreptitiously, waiting at nooks and crannies.

Imagine it patiently waiting for food, wondering when its prey would start to invade another home.

It goes from house to house in vain, tired and almost hopeless.

But by the stroke of luck, after much tenacity, it finally catches one.

One that is sufficient to justify the trying wait.

I'm that cat and I now wear a cheshire grin on my face.

My mouse?

My house.

After 6 BTO bidding failures (Tiong Bahru x3, Kallang Whampoa x2 and McPherson) and more than 3 months search for a place near my office, we have finally sealed the deal for a home.

Prior to the day we shook hands with the seller of our future home, we had been viewing houses at the area and coming quite close to finalising some.

We prayed over most of the units we liked.

We prayed for more listings to be put up in the area.

We prayed and prayed.

Too many times, we were disappointed by the units listed and more so by the favourable units sold to other buyers.

Then one day (how convenient it all sounds!), a new listing came up in the area.

We arranged for a viewing.

I was extremely nervous, knowing how tricky it would be since we had lost some other units we liked too quickly to other interested buyers.

The price is very right this time.

The location is even better - a 2-minute stroll to the MRT station (and a 1-minute sprint).

It is also at an acceptable level compared to many other listings in the area.

Moreover, it is a corner unit at an ideal block. The block houses maisonettes at the corridor.

The agents did what they had to and I remember waiting at the void deck after viewing the house with a palpitating heart and almost numb fingers.

Each time the seller's agent came out of the lift, I tried not to over-read his expressions and in my heart I kept saying, "Please, God. Please, God. Give me this house."

And then feeling guilty for asking God for something, I would then change my prayers to - "Is this Your will, Lord? Help me to accept your decision in my life, Lord. I will keep on waiting faithfully on You, God."

So when the agent asked for our $1k deposit, I swear my heart did a double backward flip.

The next time the agent came down, he offered his congratulations and shook our hands.

All my anxiety just dissipated there and then. And there it was, I had just purchased the most expensive item I had ever bought in my life thus far.

We went upstairs to greet the seller again. This time, way more amicably as I had to previously stifle my enthusiasm. I even conversed with the seller in Teochew.

The tormenting wait for the good news felt long, but on hindsight, the time difference between laying my eyes on the unit and buying it was only that of less than 2 hours.

Now, I have to wait 5 long months before I get the keys to my house.

I will then be living in it for years to come.

I'm currently obsessing over floor plans and spending more time than I should on Pinterest, pinning home decor ideas.

I'm way more excited about my house than about the wedding!

Looking back at the past year of house hunting since the day we bid for the Tiong Bahru BTO and even drove to the neighbouring carpark to pray over the bid, I have learnt that God...

1. had a plan for us right from the start (the best one!)
2. caused all the BTO biddings to fail because He knew that in our hearts, we wanted to move into our own place soon after getting married
3. let other buyers snap up other resale units we were keen on because those were inferior to what He had planned for us
4. made us wait and wait and wait because then, the timing would be just right

By the time we get our house keys, we will be close to half a year before the day. We will then be able to make a successful appeal to HDB for not (yet) having a marriage certificate as proof of our marriage.

God's timing is truly the perfect timing. (:

And now, back to Pinterest.

If any of you would like to so kindly recommend your contractors to us, please email me at! Thank you.

"Therefore the Lord will wait, that He may be gracious to you; And therefore He will be exalted, that He may have mercy on you. For the Lord is a God of justice; Blessed are all those who wait for Him." - Isaiah 30:18 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Jessicacindy x Pixioo x Tang Yong x Fleur Craft Styled Shoot

"When's the wedding?"

That's the most popular question posed to the newly-engaged despite it being the silliest question ever.

When asked by the umpteenth person, I still had no answer for the longest time.

You mean I'm supposed to have already discussed that with my (a few days old) fiancĂ© and set a date?

To be honest, I would not have hurried to decide and estimate a wedding month if not for the high frequency of being asked the question. I felt a need to stop saying, "Not yet!" or "I don't know!"

There's no denying. I was pressured into greasing the gears and gettin' 'em movin'.

That's okay I guess. There's no harm in planning ahead and having a long runway.

But from now on, I am never ever going to ask any newly-engaged friends when the wedding will be till they've long been engaged.

So has the date been set?


After considering the planetary shifts, atmospheric conditions, temperature, seismic waves, cosmic orders and what not, my Mum has decided on what she strongly believes is a truly auspicious date.

We did have a row over this, leading me to finally understand what many have long warned unmarried women about - A wedding is about the marriage of families/ A wedding is staged for one's parents etc.

I am not a believer of superstitions.

I am instead, a firm and faithful believer of God, my protecter and giver.

Y and I do not believe in luck even though we oblige out of respect. I love my mum and if there is any instance I can make her happy without largely compromising on my part, I will compromise.

Apart from customs to be carried out in the name of luck, there are some with spiritual meanings. Y is strongly against anything of that sort. We should guard against them, he says.

From now till then, I anticipate more disagreements but I will pick my battles.

God has commanded us to love and respect our parents and I will obey.

So 20th March 2016 it will be. #savethedate

I pray for a smooth year of preparation ahead and for God to manifest manifold in this journey.

Meanwhile, here are some beautiful pictures to look at, in partnership with:

Jessica from Jessicacindy
Samuel from Pixioo
Valerie from Tang Yong Makeup
Gloria from Fleur Craft