Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Invitations

I came to a point where I asked myself...

Ok now, how do I ask my friends to be my bridesmaids?

Text them?

How insincere.

Ask them out for dinner and pop the question?

What if one's willing but the other isn't? Dinner would surely turn awkward.

No, I really should have more faith in my friendships.

How can I make it more special? It feels like it's my turn to propose.

Then I was suddenly inspired while scrolling through my Instagram feed by a Hyperlapse video posted by my friend, Joyce. She wrote with such ease and character.

Her calligraphy is simply too beautiful.

With that, I contacted her on Facebook to discuss the prospect of customised bridesmaids' invitations.

We spoke a little about how I wanted something more minimalistic.

I also gave her a little personalised poem I wrote by myself to include in the invite:

Who knew it would take ten years for me to say
I need you to stand beside me on my special day
Though life's twists and turns may take us miles apart
A friend like you, I'd always keep near to my heart

Ten years. We first got to know each other in ACJC and look at how time has brought us here. <3


For bespoke cards, email hello@artsynibs.com or visit ArtsyNibs here (web) and here (Instagram).

Discount Code
for 20% off

ArtsyNibs is currently based in the UK but ships in bulk to Singapore before individual parcels are mailed out. So don't worry about postage cost! They are very reasonably priced. (:

Working with Joyce from ArtsyNibs has been such a pleasure because she always has ideas and inputs that I treasure. As you can tell, she has a great eye for what looks good on paper. More so, she can actually write different fonts.

What impressed me the most is her dedication to her work. She actually sent me a few versions in different colours to peruse and pick from. She also gave her professional opinion on what she felt would be ideal. I love working with people who just... know what to do/know what's best.

She even did a smudge test on my cards to see if they'd be delivered in perfect condition to me. How very thoughtful! <3

In the end, I received the cards in mint condition in a big brown cardboard backed envelope. There was not a slight crease nor bend in the invitations. 

When the girls received it, they were squealing via text and they commented on how pretty the invites are. To be very honest, I missed the invites the moment I sealed them and missed them even more when I mailed them out.

Since I missed them so much, I wrote to Joyce again. This time, to work on groomsmen invitations.

Bespoke as per the last time, but way more straightforward.

I was so uninspired and took a long time to send her some of my inspirations. To save me, she took on a more proactive approach and sent me some suggestions that Y immediately took a liking to. Thank you, Joyce!

We went ahead very quickly with Y's selection and before long, a mock-up was done.

Boys being boys, Y gave the ok-go in a heartbeat and soon after, I was staring at pretty cards again.

I took even longer than before to send these out because I just wanted them on my table for an extended time. I knew I'd miss them the moment we mailed them out.

Y's brotherhood hails from different cities and I wish I could show you Joyce's calligraphy of the boys' addresses on the envelopes. Those long addresses look extremely pretty on paper.

Nevertheless, happy looking at the cute '?' with a bow.

Monday, June 29, 2015

#sherxzw Series: White Horse

The first time I thought I would go horse riding was when we were on our Australian road trip.

We had planned to visit a horse ranch and woke up bright and early for that. Our plans were in turn foiled and my month-long hopes settled into the sand under the hooves of the many horses I stroked and hugged that day.

Never mind that I couldn't ride them, spending some time together would be enough.

From then, I never thought much about when my next opportunity would arrive nor did I deliberately put horse-riding into my near future plans. Though it'd long been on my bucket list, it wasn't nagging at the back of my mind.

Going on the Bali trip, I only knew we were going to ride camels. So imagine my surprise when I found out that I would finally be riding a horse. A white horse.

I was eager to ride it of course, and I kept stroking its neck and talking to it like it was my best friend.

That day was one of the most magical days of my life not only because I was riding a horse, but also because I was in a white wedding gown and on a beautiful white horse. It made the narrative way more enchanting. Save that it was scorching, as with all the other days, the photo shoot time ended before it had begun.

It was too short!

I must have been the sun for more than half an hour but it did not feel one bit that long.

We spent time at the shoreline, waiting for the waves to hit its hooves and provide a rhythmic calmness. Each time the waters receded, we sunk a little. Each time, it remained stoic, conveying a strong message: Trust me.

Also, it kept lapping up water from the sea.

It really seemed to enjoy itself so much.

Horses are amazing animals. The fluidity in their movements, the grace in their demeanour and the strength in their physique truly inspire me.

I vividly remember how it galloped away when we were about to leave. Poor horse in captivity, I thought to myself then. It reminded me of my university days when I listened excessively to Natasha Bedingfield's Wild Horses -

I see the girl I wanna be
Riding bare back, carefree along the shore
If only that someone was me
Jumping head first headlong without a thought
To act and damn the consequence
How I wish it could be that easy
But fear surrounds me like a fence
I wanna break free

All I want is the wind in my hair
To face the fear but not feel scared

Wild horses, I wanna be like you
Throwing caution to the wind
I'll run free too
Wish I could recklessly love like I'm longing to
I wanna run with the wild horses, run with the wild horses

People can be just as trapped. Not necessarily physically, but emotionally. If someone or something has a hold on you, my sincere hope is for love to set you free.

Friday, June 26, 2015

#sherxzw Series: Conrad Bali

I once saw photos of Conrad Bali's Infinity Chapel and I remember thinking to myself then that I would never be able to take my wedding photos there. You might be reading my post and thinking the same - It's a dream. The cerulean sky, the glass windows, the silhouette of the chapel and the big cross. I love how they all come together in such perfect harmony.

Who knew that I would one day be able to take my wedding photos at the Inifinity Chapel? And if my dreams can become a reality, perhaps yours can too. (: It must have been part of God's great big plan for me and I thank Him for all the blessing and favour he has bestowed to me on my wedding journey thus far.

Special thanks also to Zwedding, Chris Ling Photography and Conrad Bali for making this happen.

Joey, the creative director of Zwedding, chose a ball gown for me and I've since been enamoured. Don't you think such a silhouette goes so well with a chapel? I think I'm quite bent on donning a gown of the same shape for my wedding at the CHIJMES hall next March.

This gown looks like a classic piece from the front and showcases a bare back illusion feature. It's very easy to walk in and beautiful from all angles.

Vincent, my hair and makeup artist for Bali, gave me a big and high bun. He had the idea of putting on a tiara of me. Ask me about a tiara a few months back and I'd probably have given you a grimace. I used to think they were tacky and cheesy. Ask me about it now, and I'd probably have some ideas in my head about how to wear one and still look relevant and classy in a modern context.

All in all, shooting at the Infinity Chapel was a dream. Y looked extremely handsome in a classic black and white suit, and no less than a bow tie. It was nice walking up and down the walkway and playing with an immensely long veil.

The sun was relentless, I have to admit. But it more than compensated with by clear and blue skies.

I'd so do this all over again.

What a dream.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

WelkinLight Photography x Oneday Hanbok

Hanbok from Oneday Hanbok
Photography by WelkinLight

For city dwellers like us, donning a traditional costume is not an everyday occurrence, lest to say wearing one of another culture. I feel that the Korean Hanbok, though not flattering on a woman's curvature, is a costume that exudes modesty and daintiness.

I'm really thankful that on our Seoul trip, we managed to rent Hanboks from Oneday Hanbok twice - Once for this photoshoot and another for the Gyeongbokgung (palace) visit. Through this, we earned an unexpected immersion into the Korean culture and many novel experiences to remember.

Having our shots captured at Yeouido Park was lulling and romantic. There was barely anyone around and so Dylan could work with wide frames. I especially like the next few photos by the pond.

Spot the pair of ducks that joined in!

Since it was spring, we were pretty much taking a leisure stroll in the park, chatting with a new found friend and having shots taken at the same time. Yeouido Park is a really entrancing place with aspects of both the traditional and the modern.

This set of photos, the most unusual of our many photo series, is one not to forget.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

House > Wedding

Of late, I know the prices of furniture and appliances better than that of clothes and shoes.

It's amazing what this stage of my life is doing to me.

When Y asks me where we should go and what we should do, the store names that pop up in my head are Ikea, Gain City, Best Denki, Courts and the likes.

Now we often have dates with refrigerators, stoves, washing machines, lights, air-conditioners, kettles, ovens, blenders, microwaves, pots and pans. The list goes on.

And yes, we've been making our rounds at departmental stores. The household floor of course.

Moving in together sure is exciting and I dream about it all day every day.

Our first purchase?

Rubber gloves.

We got them in Seoul. One pair for him (size L) and another for me (size S).

I'm becoming a legit "aunty". Wow.

Our second purchase?


When Isetan was giving its "Thank you for shopping at Isetan. We are closing in 5 minutes..." announcement, I felt like my pants was on fire for not having arrived earlier to buy the WMF set that was on promo.

The next day, we saw ourselves at both Tangs and Robinsons to compare prices. Yes we walked from Orchard to Somerset and back. Soon, we were lugging our cutlery set around town. A dozen of 'em spoons, forks and knives to accommodate his large family should they come over.



If you don't already know. Y is a true chef. He loves cooking and it has almost been our Saturday ritual to whip up something together. It's fun playing his sous chef though what the job mostly entails is washing and watching the fire.

So he was very drawn to the knives. He really liked the weight and feel of the Scanpan knives but we went for WMF eventually because those are made in Germany. We bought a set of 5 (including a pair of scissors). The wooden block is very pretty (to me).

I foresee our Saturdays fast transforming into something different.

We're not at the stage for linens, upholsteries, rugs, curtains and anything drape-y yet. But when that comes, I think I need medicine to calm me now.

We've also not contracted a contractor as we've yet to get the keys to our house. When we do, I'll be the expert on tiles, laminates, materials, wiring and what not. I'm not sure if my brain can take it.

Too much information!

Wedding? What wedding?

I'm more excited about my house.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wedding Venue

I've always wanted a small, intimate wedding - 100 pax.

Though ideal, my idea of a small wedding is pretty inconceivable considering that Mum and Ah Ma are rather traditional. I'm also the eldest child in my family and the first of my grandma's grandchildren to wed.

With that, the number grew from 100 to 150 and I suppose, will keep growing.

The places I first had in mind were these:

Alkaff Mansion
for the outdoor gazebo, perfect for the holy matrimony/solemnization

Credits to Nick Rose Photography

Credits to NatStudios

Nosh @ Rochester
for the garden-themed setting and the walkway

Credits to Bloc Memoire Photography

Credits to Ivan Tan Photography

The White Rabbit
for the stained glass windows and rustic arched walkway

Credits to Tinydot Photography

Credits to A Little Moment Photography

After much research, more intimate venues I kept in consideration included:
- Burkill Hall
- Tamarind Hill
- Tanjong Beach Club
- Spruce
- House @ Dempsey

Most of these places would have been perfect for my 100 pax wedding, except that I was not going to have one that small. Knowing that I would eventually have to accommodate more guests, I decided to (not set up a marquee even though I was very tempted to) pick CHIJMES.

I have never even given thought to any hotel ballroom except perhaps The Straits Room, Fullerton Hotel, since I love white so much. Chijmes meets just that very one thing I love and I'm hoping to have a white wedding.

Mum disapproves, so I'll accommodate and throw in... silver too?

Credits to Ivan Tan Photography

Credits to Ivan Tan Photography

Browsing through many Singapore wedding blogs and photographers' portfolios, I've come to realise that many Singaporeans have either had a buffet or round-tabled wedding at CHIJMES, or anywhere else really.

I have however, for a long time, set my mind on the long table setting, meaning individual portions and a lot of decor (florals aplenty please!).

I guess I have watched too many David Tutera episodes and I'm bent on a more western style of wedding styling/decor. The idea of round tables, I just can't seem to make space for in my head! So of late, I've been scrolling through Pinterest and gathering more ideas:

A dinner banquet it'll be. We will be going for oriental cuisine despite the table setting because I just cannot imagine Ah Ma with a fork and knife eating steak. That would mean a top up, yes, for more servers and the extra effort for food preparation/portioning.

I've so much more I want to reveal about my wedding but I'm going to let the pieces of information go out in trickles instead. There's so much restraint to exercise! Well, revealing the venue is a rather huge affair so I guess I'll end my post here. Thank you all for being excited together with me, and for all the hello-and-congrats emails. <3